NEXGEN LED offers complete solution for outdoor lighting including Street Lights and Solar Street Light. Following is a guide to chose the most appropriate Solar Lighting Solution for your requirement:

1. Determine the Number of Hours backup Required: The first step is to decide the number of hours backup we want the lighting system to operate
2. Select the Appropriate Battery Capacity: Based on the number of hours of backup, we need to decide the capacity of the battery that will be able to support the load for the backup period
3. Select the Solar Panel Wattage: The next step is to determine the wattage of solar panel. This will again depend on the backup time and the battery capacity
4. Determine the Pole Length: Poles are available in 3 Mtr, 4 Mtr and 5 Mtr Lengths.

The solar street Lights have a built in Dusk Dawn feature which automatically switches on the light in evening and switches it off in the morning